Doppstadt Grinder

Doppstadt Grinder

It is without doubt that Droppstadt is one of the biggest and reputable manufacturer and supplier of wood waste processing machines. The brand has a vast collection of wood recycling machines that can process all types of bio mass. If you are looking for a machine to shred your wood waste, Doppstadt have a range of grinders to pick from.

Doppstadt grinders have increasingly grown in popularity worldwide due to the incredible features. The brand has their products design with the end user in mind. That is why performance and productivity are some of the key features that define these machines. Doppstadt shredding machines are also designed to offer astounding sustainability and durability. These are some of the reason why most people are opting for the brand.

Flexibility in the application is one of the primary reason why Droppstadt brand has grown in popularity. The brand offers its users with a vast range of sizes of wood shredders. Whether you are looking for a relatively small machine for shredding brushes and garden wastes, the brand has something for you. For those who are for large recycling machines for shredding stumps and tree logs, there are high horsepower Droppstadt shredders for you. With such a vast range of sizes, you can miss a grinder that meets your needs.

Droppstadt shredders are various varieties depending on what you want to accomplish. They have Smart shredding line of grinders that offer a variety of grinding speed. This line of grinders includes models such as AK 310 Ecopower and AK 510 Biopower grinders amongst others which are extremely powerful and precise wood shredders. You can also pick from their line of Smart Screening, Smart Shipping, and Smart Turning machines.

The company also provides both mobile and static wood grinders. Therefore, if you are looking to set up a recycling plant, then you can get a static recycling machine. But for those who would like a little bit of flexible and by switching location, then a mobile machine would be the perfect choice for you.

Quality of the Doppstadt grinders is another reason for their popularity. The company used high quality materials for the construction. They come a rugged body made from cast steel. Their cutter tools tips are highest grade tungsten carbide for the tip and steel alloys for the body. That is how they have been able to maintain sustainability and durability. It is also the reason why their tools cutting performance is unrivaled.