5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Pengo Auger Teeth

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Pengo Auger Teeth

One of the biggest problems that most people have is making a replacement for their machine parts. Not because they don’t have replacement parts but because they don’t really know when they should be making these replacements. What most machine users don’t know is that they can actually make good timing on the best tie to make a replacement. We have rounded up 5 signs that show when you need to make Pengo auger teeth replacement:

Unnecessary Vibration

One of the signs that you need to consider replacing your Pengo auger teeth is unnecessary and very hard vibrations. This problem is mostly caused by the different sizes of teeth because of wear and tear. The biggest problem with the harsh vibration is that it increases the overall wear and tear of the drilling machine parts. It causes loosening of the nuts hence increasing the rate of wear and tear of the machine.

High Fuel Consumption

If you notice that your machine is consuming more fuel for the same task, then you need to consider worn out parts as one of the major causes. The reason why your auger is consuming a lot of fuel is because its engine is working harder to compensate for the shortage. Another that explains the relationship is the low efficiency caused by blunt and worn out Pengo auger teeth. That’s why a replacement is recommended.

Reducing Performance

The other sign that you need to replace Pengo auger teeth is the reducing performance of the machine. If you notice that your machine performance has been on a downward trajectory and even teeth sharpening, and repairs are not helping, consider making a replacement. When the auger teeth wear down, its cutting performance is reduced. That’s how the overall performance of the machine is reduced.

Below Per Productivity

The productivity of the machine is another sign that will tell you when to replace your Pengo auger teeth. If you have noticed a downward trend, then you need to know that your teeth are not working properly. When running on worn-out auger teeth, you will experience low cutting performance. This means the productivity of the drilling machine is also reduced.

Frequent Sharpening

If your Pengo auger teeth have been asking for frequent sharpening lately, then you need to consider making a replacement. Frequent sharpening is a sign of beaten auger teeth that cannot withstand demanding conditions.