Joining Tungsten Carbide To Steel Technique

Joining Tungsten Carbide To Steel Technique

The construction of the machine cutter tool involves several stages. What you see from the cutter tools are the body and tip. But what most people don’t see is the joint that combines the two different parts and materials. What most people don’t understand is the importance of check the condition of the technique used for joining the two parts of the machine.

There are techniques that are used for joining tungsten carbide to steel. These are the highest quality materials in the industry. One of the most widely used techniques is brazing technology. Unlike the other available technology, brazing provides some of the best properties that make it stand out from the rest. Here are just some of the benefits that make techniques an ideal choice.

Joins Between Two Dissimilar Metals

One of the biggest reasons why brazing technology is the most recommended for joining tungsten carbide and steel is the property of joining two dissimilar metals. That’s something you don’t get from most of the available jointing techniques such as soldering. Tungsten carbide and steel are two different metals that do not share the molecular structure, and thus, joining would be almost impossible. But with the use of the brazing filler metal, this has been made possible.

Powerful Joint

The other reason is why brazing technology is the most recommended is the kind of joint that it produces. When done under the recommended condition and the quality of the brazing filler metal is the best, the technique produces one of the most powerful joints. In fact, there is no other technique as one that can produce a more powerful joint between two dissimilar metals, such as the brazing technology. So if you have been having problems the teeth breakage, check the kind of technique used for joining tungsten carbide to steel.

Seamless Joint

Another reason why brazing technique is recommended for joining tungsten carbide to steel is its seamless joints. If you look at the tungsten carbide tips brazed to steel, it is hard to tell that there is a joint between the two metals. That’s one of the biggest benefits of using tungsten carbide. The joint is just seamless, unlike the other metal joining techniques. That’s brazen tungsten carbide, and steel cutter tools appear smooth. The joint is thin and still provides a powerful joint that can withstand even the hardest condition.