Major Hammer Crusher Parts and How to Maintain Them

Major Hammer Crusher Parts and How to Maintain Them

Hammer crusher is one of the most critical tools in wood processing machines. It is the part of the wood grinders that crushes the feed using the impact of the hammers into small particles or chips. The hummer crusher comes with different crush ratio, and that is what determines the size of the wood chips that will be produced. However, the most critical thing is the parts of the hummer crushers. They should be maintained in their best conditions to get the most out of these machines.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the key hammer crusher parts and how you can maintain them. The key parts include the spindle, rotor, and hammer. For this piece, we are going at what they are and their best maintenance practices. Check out the following:


This is one of the critical parts of the hammer crusher. The spindled is the main part that supports the rotor. With that in mind, the spindle holds the weight on the entire system which includes the weight of the rotor, the hammer as well as the impact that is produced by the main shaft. Therefore, for the machine to work effectively, the spindle must be made from high quality material. Make sure that the material used is the highest grade quality of the alloy steel.

The rotor

The rotor is the main working part of the hammer crusher. It consists of the hammer frame component that includes the hammer holder pin which the parts that hold the hammer. The rotor is the part that is coupled to the rotor of the machine. Therefore, this the parts that make the rotation to move the hammer for the grinding and shredding off the wood. The materials for constructing the rotor should offer high strength and hardness. Excellent quality of alloy steel is the best choice.


The hammer is the part that does the actual grinding of the wood.  As mentioned above, Hammer is attached to the rotor via the hammer holder. The rotor rotates it, and that is how it can grind the wood into small chips as required. Since it the main cutting parts of the machine, the hammer should be constructed from the highest grade material. The body should be quality alloy steel while the top should be tungsten carbide.

The other hammer crusher parts that users need to look at include the liner, impact plate, and grate. The quality and proper maintenance should be observed to get the most out of them.